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The State of Affairs


Before I besmirch let me extol…. Kenya has come from far…. We now have a road with 4 lanes on each direction – The Thika Super-Highway…. Then we have the roads that have made moving around Nairobi very convenient. 1) The Southern bypass – a pleasure for bikers on a clear bright Sunday afternoon, or… [Read More]


How you do wine testing


It was on April fools day, the year 2015, my lovely mama decided to take me and my brothers out for a wonderful lunch out, at the floating restaurant in Karen. When we were there, The D squad (that is me, my twin brother and small brother) decided to show you guys how to do… [Read More]


Voxy attempting to overtake Subaru

derrick trying to overtake a subaru

So me and my twin brother; Did i mention I have a twin brother? Okay now I have… so back to where I was, me and my twin brother were driving home one night. So we randomly met this Subaru along the way. We were just about to join Mombasa Road, so we decided, or… [Read More]


The joy of a new phone

darian happy for his phone

Sometime in November 2014 my small brother wanted a new phone real bad. He tried saving and saving, but the urge was really there. At the rate he was saving, he wasn’t going to be able to get the phone soon. We all have been in that position where we want something so bad. So… [Read More]


Didier Darian Scores

darian scores

Sometime back my small brother told me he was playing in a tournament in school and asked me to come. Ofcourse he assumed I wouldn’t come, but to his surprise I showed up. The joy on his face was really refreshing. On top of that, i was fortunate to capture him score a goal, and… [Read More]


Kawasaki Ninja 250r First ride

Kawasaki ninja 250r first ride

I took a friend of mine to buy his bike. We went together in one car, but ofcourse he just had to ride the bike. In the process I took some random recordings, with no intentions of creating a video, but after looking at the footage, i figured, why not create something interesting… Just a… [Read More]